There is significant demand reduction in the KBRA – but it is accomplished in a way that is more likely to be supported by the agricultural community because it does not exclusively depend on sale of water rights.

The KBRA describes a firm limit on Klamath Irrigation Project diversions that are less than historic diversions and the retirement of 30,000 acre feet of water use above Upper Klamath Lake.this means that Klamath Irrigation Project demand is reduced up to 100,000 acre feet in dry years and in flow to Upper Klamath lake will be increased by 30,000 acre feet.  The KBRA allows agricultural communities to decide how best to live within their mandated water allocations, with the intention of retaining as much agricultural production as may be possible within the bounds of reduced irrigation deliveries. Learn more about the details of these reductions in our fisheries section.

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